ADInstruments is a developer of system tools and education software. The current developer portfolio contains 63 programs. The most popular software is LabChart Reader with 8 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by ADInstruments

LabChart Reader
It can share, view and conduct limited analyses of LabChart data.
ADInstruments HRV
It analyzes beat-to-beat (RR) interval variation in ECG recordings.
ADInstruments ECG Analysis
It automatically detects and reports PQRST onset, either online or offline.

Popular programs by ADInstruments

ADInstruments Peak Analysis
The Peak Analysis should be used with the latest version of LabChart.
ADInstruments Cardiac Output
You can easily extract and calculate cardiac output from small animal.
ADInstruments DMT Normalization
The program helps the calculation of optimal pretension conditions.
ADInstruments Metabolic
Determines cardiorespiratory function and exercise physiology measurements.
ADInstruments Spike Histogram
Spike Histogram helps record and analyze extracellular spike data in real time.

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